Monday, June 16, 2008


"Dad, how many more of those freakin' flyer miles do you have?" asked Kelsey, age 10, after I explained to her that we didn't have to pay for our tickets to Hawaii because we used our "frequent flyer" miles!

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Anonymous said...

My friends and I are in a band. One day, we were in my basement testing a microphone setup for recording. I'm the drummer, so they were working around me, since my set needed the most mics. I was playing along, doing a nice quick test pattern, when my guitarist deftly ran over, plucked a mic off of the wicker stool, and began to attempt to beatbox. Only, it wasn't beatboxing at all. It was "OOTS! OOTS!" I began to laugh so uncontrollably I had to stop playing. I got up to go somewhere but collapsed on the stairs. There were six of us down there, and the five non-beatboxing ones were passing out on the floor laughing.