Friday, February 15, 2008

That Darn Cat!

When pets get older and their health starts failing, it can be a tough situation – especially for the kids in the house. Donna knew this all too well. The older of her two cats, Fluffy, was getting sicker and sicker, and began to repeatedly have “accidents” on her bedroom comforter. The vet was at a loss, and couldn’t find the cause – or the solution – to Fluffy’s problem. Complicating matters worse, Donna was pregnant and knew she needed to limit her exposure to harmful cat bacteria during her pregnancy.

Since the older kids were close to both cats, she tried to hang in there and make the best of the situation. But she kept discovering more and more accidents. Ultimately, she knew it wasn’t fair for Fluffy to continue on in such poor health, and made the painstaking decision based on her vet’s recommendation to put the cat down. Fluffy had given them so many good years, which helped make her decision a little easier, but she dreaded telling the children. She returned home from the vet absolutely heartbroken. She sat the kids down and told them that Fluffy was so sick, and unfortunately didn’t “make it”. The kids took it pretty bad, but were thankful to still have their younger kitty, Smokey, still around.

The next morning, after Donna got the kids off to school, she petted Smokey as she walked past him and into the bedroom.

And then she saw it.

Another “accident” on the bedroom comforter! “Oh, shit!” she screamed, realizing that she had actually put the wrong cat to sleep! It had been young-little Smokey -- not old-sickly Fluffy -- making the accidents all along!

Instead of putting the kids through any more trauma, Donna elected instead to put Smokey, the accident-prone cat, down in the basement to live!

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